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Educational Materials for
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Soil and Water Stewardship Materials

Soil and Water Stewardship Week is an educational outreach program of the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD). It has been in existence since the early 1950’s. The 2012 NACD Stewardship theme is “Soil to Spoon ”. The booklets are designed around National Education Standards. The booklets will cover the following topics:

Level 1(Kindergarten-1st Grade)

  • Discern that soil is necessary in the growth/production of the food we eat.
  • Make a distinction between food that originates from plants versus animals.
  • Recognize and utilize their ability to grow their own healthy food wherever they live.

Level 2 (2nd-3rd Grade)

  • Distinguish between food that originates from plants and food that originates from animals.
  • Become familiar with the five food groups and the role they play in human health.
  • Recognize the role healthy soil plays in the availability of healthy food.

Level 3 (4th-5th Grade)

  • Identify the five food groups and the nutritional benefits associated with each group.
  • Comprehend the enormous amount of food produced and consumed in the United States on an annual basis.
  • Recognize their ability to grow their own healthy food.
  • Gain an appreciation for the number of people and amount of work involved in bringing food from the farm/ranch to the table.

Level 4 (6th Grade and Up)

  • Comprehend the importance of good nutrition.
  • Relate arable land to carrying capacity in terms of food production.
  • Compare food production to world population.
  • Evaluate nutrient supply in ecosystems.
  • Become familiar with commodities produced in the United States.

Additional materials:  Placemat/Activity sheet, Poster, Bookmarks, Educator's Guide, BIG Book, CD, Educator's Packet and Community Outreach Materials..

For more information visit www.nacdnet.org/stewardship on how to order material directly from the NACD Marketplace or contact the District for availability of materials. A limited supply will be available directly from the District office.

Backyard Conservation Materials

Several booklets dealing with conservation in your backyard and community are available. These include:

“Backyard Conservation” booklet – a 28-page, full-color booklet dealing with planting trees, wildlife habitat, backyard ponds, backyard wetlands, composting, mulching, nutrient management, terracing, water conservation, and pest management. NRCS’s Backyard Conservation website can be visited at www.nrcs.usda.gov/feature/backyard.

Audubon at Home - a series of color brochures dealing with creating habitat for birds, bats, and butterflies. A series of five brochures are available:

  • “An Invitation to a Healthy Neighborhood”
  • “An Invitation to a Healthy Yard”
  • “An Invitation to a Healthy Apartment”
  • “An Invitation to a Healthy Country Home”
  • “An Invitation to a Healthy Schoolyard”

The Audubon at Home website contains information and downloadable resources to help you plan and develop your property in a wildlife-friendly way. Visit www.audubonathome.org.

Other Educational Materials

  • “Water Cycle” poster
  • “Backyard Conservation” poster (cardinal in winter eating berries from shrub)
  • “Greenwich Soil” poster (The Greenwich Soil Series is the State Soil of Delaware)
  • “In the Time it Took to Form One Inch of Soil” poster (a historical time-line)

Various conservation themed activity booklets, activity sheets and bookmarks are available in limited quantities or may be photo-copied for use in the classroom. These materials deal with water, soil, habitat, conservation, trees and other topics. Please contact the District office for availability.

Contact Rick.Mickowski@state.de.us

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