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Sediment and Stormwater Program

The New Castle Conservation District is a Delegated Agency responsible for the implementation of DRNEC's Sediment and Stormwater program in the municipalities of Arden, Ardencroft, Ardentown, Bellefonte, Delaware City, Town of Elsmere, City of New Castle, Newport, Odessa and Townsend. The New Castle Conservation District is also responsible for the Sediment and Stormwater Program for agriculture structures in New Castle County based on an agreement between DNREC, New Castle County and New Castle Conservation District. As part of our delegated responsibility, the District reviews, inspects and performs maintenance inspections of construction projects which disturb more than 5,000 square feet. These projects vary from construction of small commercial sites to large subdivisions. The purpose of the stormwater program is to ensure that the property's stormwater is maintained on site. Program fees are to support the program implementation, including overall program management, plan review, construction review, and maintenance responsibilities.

Documents & Forms

Detailed Plans:

  • Preliminary S&S Management Plan Review Checklist
  • Detailed S&S Plan Application
  • S&S Management Plan Review Checklist
  • As Built/Post Construction Requirements
  • Certified Construction Reviewer (CCR) Application

Standard Plans:


  • Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Application




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