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“Dedicated to Soil and Water Management”

Established in 1944, the District is a political subdivision of the State created by the state legislature. The District is under the oversight of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control – Division of Soil and Water Conservation – District Operations Section. We are responsible under state law for conservation work within the boundaries of New Castle County. In the beginning, financial and technical assistance was primarily provided to agricultural producers and other landowners interested in conserving soil and protecting water quality. As the county developed, programs and priorities reflected the changing suburban landscape. Non-agricultural drainage, streambank erosion, and flood control projects became part of District activities.

The District uses a voluntary, cooperative approach to resolving natural resource issues. From backyards to barnyards and from curbside to streamside, the District assists private landowners by getting conservation on the ground where it is needed. Education is a key factor and our efforts target school children, civic associations, farmers, homeowners, and legislators. The District is a strong supporter of the Delaware Envirothon, a natural resource challenge for high school students sponsored by the Delaware Association of Conservation Districts (DACD). DACD is a statewide non-profit association of the three Conservation Districts in Delaware.

The District Board of Supervisors receives guidance and input for its agricultural and urban programs through the annual review of an agricultural advisory committee and an urban projects advisory committee. These two committees assist the District with reviewing and setting program priorities.  

The District is part of a conservation team that includes DACD and the National Association of Conservation Districts; the USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service; and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). We also cooperate closely with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, the USDA – Farm Service Agency; the Delaware Department of Agriculture; New Castle County ; the Delaware Department of Transportation; the First State Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.; and many others.



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